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Cre8Global Secures it’s first Turnkey Hotel Project

With the unenviable task of merging and expanding an international hotel supply company, 2020-21 has certainly been a challenging period. Despite the effects that a worldwide pandemic has had on the hotel industry, Cre8Global has thrown itself into becoming Australia’s first turnkey supplier of operating equipment to new hotel projects.

In a traditional market, with historic supply chains and long adopted purchasing processes, Cre8Global is truly bucking the trend. We have built a model that allows for the complete supply of products within all product categories required within the hotel industry. We now find ourselves working hard to educate the market on a new way of doing things. A new way that is cost effective, efficient and particularly helpful in a world so massively affected with logistics challenges.

Fortunately the market has responded and Cre8Global has been successful in securing the Courtyard by Marriott Flagstaff Gardens in Melbourne as its first Turnkey OSE client. With over 30 product categories being supplied, we are busy delivering on a complex list of requirements, sourced through a diverse supply chain in a problematic logistical environment.

The project is due for opening in February 2022 and Cre8Global looks forward to a successful completion and taking that message to the market as Australia’s first true turnkey hotel OSE solutions provider.